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Pregnancy Wellness

"Jennifer used the awakening birth method with me and I did hypnotherapy recordings in the lead up to my birth.  In addition she had me do EFT ( emotional freedom tapping) for the actual birth.  I will be honest, I was more than a little bit of a skeptic of most of  this in the beginning but I was open to it and felt as though it didn't hurt to give it a try.  I'm glad I was because the in the end I can honestly say that it made my birth much smoother.  I don't fully understand the EFT but it worked to really help me calm myself and focus. Allowing me to birth how I envisioned."

- Jami O. Birth Spring 2014

Pregnancy Wellness
"I wanted an unmedicated birth... And was able to do it, but only thanks to Jen. I could not have done it otherwise. The homeopathy remedies form, The Awakened Birth Method really worked for me.

Jen was recommended by a friend. She definitely loves what she does and it shows. That job is tough- I started having contractions at 6am on a Friday and gave birth 24 hours later. Jen was there the whole time. She somehow figured out how I liked to labor, which was in total silence, and coached us through a very atypical labor pattern. My water didn't break. My contractions didn't get closer. I would not have known when to go to the hospital without her. We would've gone way too early. "
                                                                                            -Caroline,  Fermont June, 2014

Pregnancy Wellness

"Jennifer provided support and guidance as our doula throughout the preparation for my first labor and delivery. She met with my husband and I several times before our due date. Throughout those meetings she really got to know us and helped us to talk about the childbirth process. My L & D was super smooth, a lot of which I attribute to the work we did with Jennifer. She also provided total support during L & D.

Jennifer is so kind and caring and is perfect for the role of doula. I would recommend her to anyone of my friends expecting a baby, and I would not want to have gone through my first L & D without her!"

                                                                                         -Kelly L. San Jose, 2013

Pregnancy Wellness
"Both my husband and I wanted a natural unmedicated birth. Since it was our first child, the whole labor and delivery process was unknown to us and I wasn't sure if I could push myself to have a natural birth. So, I asked my husband if we could hire a doula. He was hesitant at first and he felt even more hesitant when we couldn't find the right one even after we interviewed a couple. However the first time we met Jennifer, we both knew she was the best choice for us. Jennifer was wonderful, calming, caring and attentive throughout the entire process. She was also very prompt and supportive through her text and phone calls. She came over to our home around 3AM when my contraction got very intense. Her calming and reassuring demeanor helped me get through the intense phases and when I got to the hospital, I was already fully dilated!! I felt very at ease going through active labor at home knowing that I had Jennifer's expertise. I was fortunate to have a smooth natural unmedicated birth and I thank Jennifer for her help and support. My husband was also very thankful that we decided to work with Jennifer. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions of my pregnancy, and Jennifer showed herself to be a wonderful doula."
                                                                                -Angel L. San Jose June, 2014

Pregnancy Wellness

"Short review: Jennifer absolutely helped me to have a calm, natural birth in a hospital setting and her physical support as well as emotional presence helped us achieve the birth we hoped for. I would never have another baby without a doula like Jen.

Longer review: I wasn't sure if I wanted to hire a doula or not ($) for the birth of our second son but decided to take the leap since I (unhappily) ended up with pitocin and then an epidural for the birth of our first child. In the weeks leading up to this birth, Jennifer talked through the  physical and emotional challenges of our first birth and gave me the tools to prepare for labor. While Jennifer has a huge wealth of knowledge about alternative and holistic therapies, she NEVER pushed anything on us, instead, she worked to understand our view of childbirth/ parenthood and actively worked to support us in that vision.

If you haven't had a baby in a hospital yet, it may come as a surprise that the nursing/ medical staff is NOT there to help you cope with labor naturally, but they really leave you and your spouse to deal with it on your own. That's where a doula comes in, and Jen offers a ton of knowledge about positioning, counter-pressure, relaxation breathing, visualization, aromatherapy, shower/ bath laboring, etc.

However when it comes to doulas, everyone always says you don't really know "what you're getting" until the actual birth happens. My doctor's office did express some concern to me that they have worked with some "pushy" doulas, so while I had full confidence in Jen, I wasn't sure how it would all unfold.

We met Jen at the hospital and I was in the most intense stage of labor. The counter-pressure she provided on my back was an absolute God send, and I remember thinking briefly during labor "this alone is so worth the cost of a doula's care." My labor moved very quickly and the hospital staff was not very attentive to my needs; they were barking orders at me to move mid-contraction, and asking me questions at times when I couldn't even talk. Jennifer was perfectly wonderful, maintaining a positive spirit, and truly "holding space" for me as my natural birth was unfolding and the hospital staff was being difficult. She only helped to relieve the tension in the room and was 100% the birth coach I wanted her to be.

Bottom line: Doulas are wonderful and Jen is the best. You'll be lucky to have her at your birth.

                                                                               -Heather G Stanford . April, 2014

Pregnancy Wellness
"I don't know what we would have done without Jennifer! She was absolutely instrumental in making the birth of our daughter as stress-free as possible. She met with us several times while I was pregnant, and really helped us think through all aspects of labor and birth. One of the best things she did was to help my husband and me think about how we would each react to the stresses of labor. Because of her I was able to articulate to him what I was going to need, and (maybe even more important!) what was going to drive me crazy when I was scared and in pain and feeling vulnerable. "

                                                                                             -Heather M. Summer, 2013
Pregnancy Wellness
"I am a 42 year young mom with a 16 year old teen.  My husband and I decided to have another child at this time in our lives. To tell the truth, I was more than terrified.  I have a career, am very self sufficient, and remember how hard the C-section birth of my son traumatized me only to well. I knew enough to WANT a doula with me through this process and life changing event.

During my first pregnancy 16 years ago, I had a legendary doula, Kate Bowland, from Santa Cruz with me, and although I lived through the trauma of an unplanned C-section delivery during my 2nd trimester, I couldn't have done it without her.
This time I wanted a V-back birth, and I wanted it on my terms.  I wanted to experience the third trimester.  Searching for a doula was very tough, and after interviewing a few, I convinced my husband to choose Jennifer Jeffcoat.  She truly saved my life, and helped me give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
She has been tremendous!!  Her hypnotherapy sessions before the birth-especially in the last week- helped calm me down, and help me visualize all that would happen.
Her calming balms, healthy diet advice, and help with the birthing plan, kept me -and my husband sane.   She also advocated for me both in the hospital, and with my doctors.  In my 9th month, when my doctor told me--'when you give birth, you may not have me there, you'll get whomever is assigned and their team will assist you'--I was horrified.  At the worst, most vulnerable time in a woman's life, and we're served up to the nearest physician, who doesn't know us or our concerns.  I wasn't having that. I also found that most of our ultrasound technicians, doctors, and clinicians didn't read my chart prior to our visit, so we became parrots, relating allergies, prior data,  etc.
In the end, when my assigned physician told me she couldn't guarantee a V-back birth, I told my husband we needed to look for a new doctor.  It was Jennifer who helped me find Dr. Khilnani in San Mateo--another excellent advocate for women during pregnancy--and I was very happy I switched.  It was close to 3 weeks before I gave birth, but Dr. Khilnani and Jennifer were with me for the better part of 18 hours of labor.  (I felt closer to Dr Khilnani after just 3 weeks than through the factory-like atmosphere the endless technicians, doctors and student trainees who cared for me during my 8 months before.)
After I came home, Jennifer helped me heal with advice, salves and balms and cooking vegetarian meals for me (my husband and son are meat eaters). She lent so much of herself and her time to comfort and advise not only me -but my husband.  She felt like part of the family.  She is very professional in the birthing room, and extremely knowledgeable, and respectful.  Jennifer was better than the nurses coming in and out of the Stanford Hospital room.  You feel like you're in good hands, and that all is well.

I recommend anyone thinking of giving birth--to get a doula--whether it's your 1st or not.  The doula who lead me through some really dark spots, helped my family with anything we needed along the way, was flexible, who listened to me, advocated for me, and helped deliver my beautiful daughter into the world, is Jennifer Jeffcoat.
I just can't say enough about her experience, and kindness and gentle character.  
Thank you so much Jennifer!! God Bless you and your family too..

                                                                -Jenna G. San Jose Cupertino  April, 2012