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Parent & Child Classes

Natural Movement Development 
Parent & Child 6 Week Class
For ages 6 weeks to Activity Rolling

It is important that all infants spend time awake on their stomachs (tummy time). Tummy time allows babies to strengthen and stretch muscles that are important for developing basic valuable motor skills such as crawling, standing, sitting and walking. Tummy time also facilitates visual development as your baby learns to move his/her head to look at objects and track movement. Tummy time is a wonderful and mindful play time experience for both caregiver and baby.  Parents will learn the foundation in the importance of tummy time, bonding, massage, while incorporating song and play for infants.  This is a wonderful way to meet like minded mindful parents looking for a Whole Child approach to parenting. This class meets in 6 weeks session, that starts the foundation for raising and supporting mindful parenting through an open discusses group, education topics, and guest speakers.
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 Natural Movement Development 
Parent & Child 6 Week session class

For the little ones who are Sitting and Crawling

During the first year of your baby’s life, movement affects the cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of your child and of the adult your child will become. From the earliest stages of development in the womb, through the birth process, to rolling, crawling and walking, children move through a range of patterns that create their ability to sense, perceive and act in the world. Through observation, movement, touch and play we follow your baby’s growing curiosity and learn useful information about natural movement patterns that encourage optimal brain and body development classes. This is a 5 week educational and community building class that meets for 1.5hrs.

Classes will help with:

· Breastfeeding

· Restful Sleep

· Release of “One-Sided” Favoring in Movement

· Bonding

· Colic

· Release of Clinched Fist (Hypotonic or Hypertonic Movement Patterns)

· Knowledge in how to Support your Little One During Every Stage of Movement Development.

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Natural Movement and Development

Parent & Child 6 week Session Class

Class for Active Walkers

The Creative Movement and Play is a wonderful way for parents and caregivers to build the village needed to raise happy, health, and whole children.  During this 1 hour program we children explore the wonders of movement, song, and dance while parents learn ongoing mindful parenting, natural movement development and a community for mindful parenting.

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The Spirit of Play and Movement (Coming Soon)!

A parent & child 1 hour Class.  For ages 2-5yrs

The spirit of play and movement will start in the fall of 2015 in the San Jose area.  This programs supports the natural development foundation of the child: involuntary, direct traits, emotional and movement activities.  In this 1.5 hour group parent and child build upon a co-operative relationships with the guidance of a mindful practitioner through movement activities, story, art music cooking, gardening and exploring play.  There will also be included a mindful parenting topic of the week with open topic conversation for parenting support.