A Holistic Wellness & Education Center

Mindful Ways

Evoking the Empowerment of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Membership & Fee's

Community Member  $99.00  (Tax deductible)

The community membership supports the vision of a mindful and local ecological village.  

Your donation provides strong community-based support for women, families, and professional training, through preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting grounded in Mindfulness and local ecology.  

A portion goes to the gardens for the up keep, replenishing all the wonderful plants that is used for cooking, projects, and education. The remaining goes to bringing  free training programs  within the community with rich education for sustainable employment in the local community of downtown San Jose.

Benefits Include:

-Discounts to all events, wellness classes, and preschool

-Open to Community Supported Agriculture Shares and/or discount on farm stand

- Community tee-shirt

-Painting of a ceramic tile for the community wall

-Quarterly Community Celebration with stories of how your support is growing a sustainable village for the future.