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Mindful Ways™

 Teacher Training 

This course is offered one Sunday a month for 4 months, held at our Mindful Ways Center. The format for the teacher training programs is one Sunday a month from 1:00-7:00, with 4 modules.  

Each training module covers a specific area of learning. The curriculum is designed to give you an overview of the work and to build specific mindfulness skills in a progressive and layered manner using didactic instruction, facilitation skills and personal experiential exploration. Skills for facilitation of children in small groups and in classroom settings are emphasized throughout the training.

 Module 1:

  •  Taking Care of the Teacher  Cultivating awareness of breathing to help unite body and mind, and develop               concentration 
  • Caring for our body to reduce stress and pain  
  • Learning to cultivate feelings of joy and happiness, and appreciate what we already have 
  • Teaching Mindfulness and Applied Ethics to Students 
  •  Learning to guide sessions of relaxation for students 

Module II:

  • Learning to simplify our lives so that we have more time to relax and enjoy life 
  • Learning to listen to and embrace our strong emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety and despair
  • Learning to use loving speech and compassionate listening to care for our relationships  
  • Learning to help students recognize and handle strong emotions 
  • Learning the art of building community so that our classroom and our school can become a loving family               environment 

Module III:

  • Exploring non-sectarian, ethical guidelines for our own health and happiness, and that of our families,                      schools, communities, societies, and the world 
  • Looking deeply into our consumption and production, as individuals and as a society
  • Learning to creatively resolve conflicts in the classroom 
  • Helping students develop compassion by understanding their own suffering and that of their peers
  • Introduction to an age-appropriate mindfulness curriculum, with multi-media teaching materials, that can be applied in the classroom

Fall  Training Dates & Times

Location: 76 Race St.  San Jose CA 95126

Dates: Sept. 24, Oct. 29, Nov 19, & Dec. 17

Times: 1:00-7:00

Price: $250.00 for all 3 modules  

Member Fee: $250.00

Non Member Fee $275.00