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All of your classes are based on mindful and conscious philosophies that are up to date 21st century living for the mind, body, & spirit.  The class are developed and formed to support the whole person and the community they live in with current research in how we can grow a more compassionate and empathic society.  We are a true continuum from preconception to family for understanding how life unfolds, the imprinting we hold and educating how to heal for a full joyful life for self, family, and community.
Our classes are based of off epigenetic, neuroscience, pre and perinatal birth psychology, mind/body medicine, energy medicine, and somatic therapy, this allows for the Mindful Ways Community to hold space for all learning styles and needs.  This 21st century approach allows for soon to be parents, parents and couples to understand and find a rhythm that will allow for the full human potential for all the human intelligences.

We look forward to seeing in our Whole  Wellness Intelligent Care™ Community and hope that we will be a resource for community, education, and support for a mindful and conscious way of life.

Many Blessings,
Jennifer Jeffcoat