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Mindful Ways

Evoking the Empowerment of the Mind, Body, and Spirit


At Mindful Ways, we are focused on providing Complementary Alternative Medicine  for the Mind, Body, & Spirit.  We understand the first imprinting that takes place is in the womb and depending on our environment set our foundation for physical, emotional, and  spiritual health.  We are a Whole continuum care that bridges the gap from the medical community to home.

Each moment during the journey through life, there are beautiful gifts and disconnect. Whole Wellness Intelligent Care™ helps to integrate the many changes that occur within us. The skills and cultivation of greater awareness in mind, body, & spirit helps to reduce associated anxiety, cope with life in the present moment and enhance our joy for life. We support each life’s journey with the knowing that it has to be personal and intimate for each client.

 Jennifer Jeffcoat
Holistic Health Birth Educator/Consultant, Mindful Birth & Postpartum Doula, Pre & Preinatal Birth Psychology Practitioner, Natural Movement Development Practitioner, & Student Midwife. Founder of Mindful Ways and The Awakened Birth Method.

Jennifer's life journey has been her biggest teacher for healing self, parenting her two beautifully gifted children and working with others. She has been facilitating, guiding and educating families in the bay area for over 18 yrs. Through teaching in her Waldorf inspired parent preschool, guiding teachers at the Montessori College on natural movement in children, developing Mind & Body Kidz Yoga(TM), facilitation parents in mindful childbirth  to educating parents of the importance of being present.

Her studies in Anthroposophy, at the Rudolf Steiner College, set her foundation for understanding self and the gifts that connect us to nature. Her non-judgmental and compassionate approach to the whole person reflects in her expansive training and studies. She has studied with Svetlana Masgutove for more than 5yrs, in Masgutove Neurosensory Motor Reflex Integration, studied Paul Dennis's work on neuro-kinesiology, Brain Gym, attended the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, completed her Dona Doula training, participates in lectures and classes at The Center for Compassion and Altruism at Stanford and she actively and has attended Five Branches University in Mind-Body Medicine. She is currently completing her BS in Health Science with Major in Alternative Medicine, and completing her Pre & Pernatal Birth Psychology Certificate; she is one of 30 practitioners that has been selected to train with pioneers in this field, with bringing education from the womb and how it lays our foundation for patterns in life.  She is excited to be starting her path to  Midwifery and becoming a licensed Midwife.

She will be introducing her "Awakened Birth (TM)" in the summer of 2014.  This is a method to opening the empowerment of birth from within.  This method has taken many years of study and practice.  She understands that the experience of childbearing is not an isolated segment but a continuum. It is a relationship that flows naturally to conception with pregnancy, flowing into birth, postpartum and child raising. It is a continuous process that is woven into life, and by evoking the empowerment of the mind, body and spirit we live a Whole Life.

Kelli Rosenbloom (Back-up Doula)
Birth & Postpartum Doula

The year 2005 marks the start of my Doula journey, where I supported a difficult pregnancy and attended my first birth. This experience unveiled my passion for birth and the birthing process, and I knew becoming a Doula was a part of my destiny. I enrolled in my training two weeks later and thus began my journey supporting families through the sacredness of birth.

When I reflect back, I see that becoming a Doula was a natural progression. I served and cared for others from a young age and found that my natural instinct to nurture is one of my greatest gifts. I combine my gifts of nurturing, listening and observing to guide me in my Doula service. This foundation enables me to approach, assess, and adapt my support strategies to the unique needs of each family I work with, in order to provide the custom care that they deserve.

 Mireille Cervelli (Back-up Doula)
Birth and Postpartum Doula and Student Midwife

In 2003 when my first child was just nine months old I was blessed to be able to support my good friends with their labor and delivery. It felt so right and so exhilarating to be in this support role (which I later learned was called the doula). After the birth the midwife remarked to me that I seemed to naturally just know what to do during the labor and how I would make a wonderful midwife. It was like a light bulb went off in that moment and I knew my life calling. I had been studying natural health, herbs, reiki, and interested in nutrition, but was not sure where to combine all of these modalities. Soon I became known in my community as someone who could hold the crucial support role during labor and friends starting asking me to attend their births.

I decided to become a doula to gain more experience with birth and attended my DONA doula training in 2006. Thereafter, I began attending births as a professional doula and became certified through DONA. I fell in love with this work and continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude that I am blessed to be able to support families in the most precious and life-changing moments of their lives.